Monday, April 5, 2010

Re-Stuffing Your Sofa Back to Life

The Fabric or Leather Upholstery on your Sofa or Recliner still looks pretty good but sags when it is sat on and is Uncomfortable and the pillows are sagging and Flat,So what can you do? Well You could go and get a new piece of Furniture for $1000 to $5000 depending on the Quality or the size Sofa, Sectional Sofa or Recliner,But you also Have The Repair Option.If the furniture is in overall good condition it can be Re-Stuffed bringing the Foam Cores back to Life and Filling those Flat Pillows back to original shape For about one Fourth of the cost of new Upholstered Furniture.So Contact a local Furniture Repair Company and Save $$$ Bring sofa back to Life. Posted Mastercare Furniture Repair South Florida (561)932-5852 West Palm Beach and surrounding Metro Areas

Friday, November 27, 2009

Furniture Repair vs buying New in a Recession

Furniture Repair in a down economy seems to be the direction people are heading to these days,and with the economy you can see why .It is more cost effective to touch up a whole wood bedroom or dining room furniture set than to buy new furniture .Restoring furniture can save up to 90% of the cost overbuying new furniture .A new bedroom set may cost up to$ 4000.00 as compared to the cost of touch up which could range under $400,00 depending on the condition of the furniture. restoration can sometimes bring your furniture Back to near new condition by touching up all those unsightly multiple scratches and dings without full refinishing.Re-stuffing those flat cushions on your sofas and chairs can also be cost effective if the overall condition warren ts it.We at Mastercare Furniture Repair are seeing a rise in these types of repairs in the south Florida market.Consumers also seem to be buying a lot more outlet furniture and having it repaired sometimes saving hundreds over the cost of new furniture,so you can save buy using this option . Posted by Mastercare Furniture Repair South Florida (561)932-5852

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Furniture Repair in Home Service center Florida serving West Palm Beach, Jupiter, Boca Raton ,Delray, Boynton Beach ,Lake Worth ,Wellington (561) 932-5852 Mastercare Furniture Repair Visit our direct Showroom site all the best furniture top 50 showrooms in one place surf free many styles modern, Southwestern ,Island Furniture Teak ,Oriental, national retailers Macy's Thomasville la-z-Boy, Natuzzi 50 top designer magazines for great ideas for your Home Furniture

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Polishing Your furniture

Most furniture delivered since around 2007 case goods (wood products )have a lacquer finish there are many sheen's from dead flat to high gloss but most around 70 to 75 percent as of 2009 comes with a finish sheen of dead flat (no shine) flat (minimal) and satin.Using furniture polish on these finishes intended for higher gloss finish applications will cause swirl marks and uneven high low shine making the finish look inconsistent.These items should only be cleaned using a damp cloth an a mild detergent if necessary or a product containing no wax such as Endust.Removing wax based polishes to return to the original sheen can be achieved by applying mineral spirits to the item and only mineral spirits.This will break down the wax and will not harm the finish or the veneer removing the swirl marks. After the mineral spirit application clean with a damp cloth and a mild detergent to remove the spirits residue and wipe dry do not buff these lower sheen finishes.Re- clean when necessary .

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Door leveling

When you receive a piece of furniture armoire or a wall unit and the doors are not working properly and uneven. When you place it in its fixed spot push up at the top of the unit on the side where the door is lower, the doors will level out place a shim the approximate distance that the doors were off under the unit on that side or if it has a screw in leveler adjust it down


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